Quickly see which Bug Club non- fiction books matches a 2014 curriculum topic or subject!

This chart covers all of the Bug Club non-fiction books. We hope you will find it useful in making links across curriculum subjects. For each title, we have listed the most relevant link from the 2014 national curriculum. Very occasionally, there isn’t an appropriate link (for example, the curriculum doesn’t mention Wookiees!) Where this is the case, we have put n/a in the column. Not all of the national curriculum objectives are covered by Bug Club books. This is because Bug Club was designed primarily with the purpose of hooking children into reading rather than to cover all the topics in the national curriculum.

BC Non-fiction cross-curricular links chart

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Is your Bug Club class changing teacher in the new school year?

The summer holidays will be here before we know it, and any pupils using Bug Club will be automatically moved up in August ready for the new year. Unless you log on and change it, they’ll keep the same teacher and will retain all their data on Bug Club. Before all that end of term craziness begins, now is the perfect time to set a date to do some Bug Club housekeeping so all your data is correct in time for the new year.Why not forward this e-mail to next year’s class teacher now or put a date in your diary now to update Bug Club?If you need help to share or transfer a class to a new teacher or have any other questions about the start of the new school year and Bug Club please read these helpful FAQ’s.
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Bug Club, Phonics Bug and your curriculum

We’ve put together a comprehensive curriculum update that’s essential reading. It shows you exactly how Bug Club and Phonics Bug work to deliver the UK’s curricula.


Bug Club and Phonics Bug Curriculum Update (T026)

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A new partner for Bug Club!

With the new curriculum (in England) comes a much more intensive focus on grammar, spelling and punctuation, plus higher expectations generally for comprehension, writing, and speaking. Our new English service, Wordsmith, is the perfect partner to your Bug Club resources for front-of-class teaching, group and independent work around fiction, non-fiction, poetry, grammar and spelling units.

Wordsmith gives you flexible, well-planned lessons that can be tailored to the children’s needs and interests, plus a huge array of inspiring resources and exciting activities with plenty of talk for writing and tonnes of opportunities for writing built-in.

Come and try two free units of Wordsmith today, and speak to your local Pearson representative to get a live demo in your school.

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A new online home for Bug Club Champion Schools!

Check out our new Bug Club Champion Schools website at www.pearsonchampions.com

Pearson Champion Schools are commited to sharing best practice with schools across the UK via online forums, local events, emails and through sharing resources online. Learn more or log in now!

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